Feb 22 2016 Film Commissioner’s Report

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Film Commissioner’s Report – Feb. 23, 2016

DHS Economic Development Committee

The following has been done since the last report:

  1. No permits were issued since the last report. There were only six permitted film shoots in 2015, and none so far this year.

  2. We may have a TV (Battle of the Sexes) filming crew (90 rooms) staying in DHS near the end of April. Will know more later.

  3. We are still following up on the one promising lead from last month: a shoot in late March – early April of the opening scene of a full length movie. The location scout is Osceola Refetoff from LA, who was referred to us by Sheri Davis.

  4. We received four requests for a venue from the Riverside County Film Commission. All were circulated; there was one responses, but nothing materialized. If we had more manpower, there might be an opportunity to make something out of thse requests.

  5. We continue to focus on two areas: responding swiftly to leads (being the film friendlyist city in the Desert) and by improving our website.

Submitted by Court Moe, DHS Film Commissioner

Please contact Court Moe at cvmoe3@gmail.com or phone 760 251-1142, or

Steven Schick, Assistant Film Commissioner at steve.m.schick@gmail.com
or 510 610-4658
with any comments, suggestions or questions.

Visit the Desert Hot Springs Film Commissions web site: www.dhsfilmcommission.org