To film or do photo shoots in DHS requires a film permit, just as in all other parts of the valley.  Just click on the link below to download the PDF format application.

If the venue is outside of the Desert Hot Springs city limits, a Riverside County permit is needed, rather than a Desert Hot Springs permit.  Please visit the   Riverside County Film Commission .  Any questions, please call one of the expediters below or Stephanie Stethem,


The “City of Desert Hot Springs Photography & Filming Permit Application” is quite simple.  All completion instructions are included on the Permit Application, along with the fee structure.  Just download the above form, complete it, and either mail it or scan and email it to the city.

Immediate Approvals

In addition to your application submission,  please call and talk with Daniel Porras at   (760) 329-6411 ext. 216 and get agreement on your filming date

Expediting Help

If, after several tries during normal hours 7am – 6pm, M-Thur,  you cannot reach Daniel Porras or if you need help outside of normal business hours, please contact  the Film Commissioner listed below. The DHS Film Commission is committed to prove that Desert Hot Springs is the “film friendliest city in the valley.

Courtney Moe – Desert Hot Springs Film Commissioner – –  (760) 408-0322